It is hard work that makes us successful, says the Bar Brothers

Establishing a successful business is never easy for an immigrant.

This is what you will hear from the Bar Brothers. But it is also not what everyone else thinks.

The brothers explain that it is hard work and determination that got them to where they are today.

The brothers came out clean to clear the air on rumors that they used their political connections to get fat lease deals from Sydney Harbor Foreshore Authority ( SHFA). During an interview, the Kazals explained that their consultancy business has lasted for as long as they know, and that is ‘no secret’.

The brothers said this during their Bar 100 opening, with Charif Kaza going further to explain how some people can be ‘narrow minded’.

But even with the rumors going around, no single businessman in the Rocks has come out to speak publicly concerning the rumors. The Sydney Morning Herald published a report that explains the Kazals’ relationship with SHFA, and this later led to the Kazals suing them. The brothers have invested about $12M in Bar 100. The investment is, in no doubt, a big risk for the brothers and they expect an annual revenue of $1M from Bar 10.

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