Warren proves she has indigenous blood and challenges Trump to donate the million dollars he promised

The senator published the result of her genetic test in the newspaper ‘The Boston Globe’. The newspaper says there is “strong evidence” that she has Indo-American ancestry in its family. The president, who had challenged the Democrat to take the test, said he would not pay the million dollars he had promised to a charity organization.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren took an unexpected step. On Monday, she published in the Boston Globe the results of her DNA test that indicate “strong evidence” that she has indigenous ancestry, the newspaper said.

And in her Twitter account, she challenged President Donald Trump – who has mocked her for speaking about her origins – to donate the million dollars he promised if she showed Indian blood.

“By the way, @realDonaldTrump: Do you remember that you said on July 5 that you would give a million dollars to the charity that I would decide if my DNA showed that I had indigenous ancestry?” he asked. “Well, I remember it and here is the verdict, please send the check to the Resource Center for Indigenous Women,” she added.

Warren’s analyzes were done by Carlos D. Bustamante, professor and geneticist at Stanford University. He concluded that the “great majority” of the Democrat’s ancestors are European (95%), but added that the results “have strong evidence of the existence of an unmixed American indigenous ancestor.”

According to the expert, this relative appears in the family tree “in the range of 6 to 10 generations ago”. This is consistent with what Warren knew, which has ensured that his great-great-great-grandmother, OC Sarah Smith, had an indigenous charge in her blood.

This implies, according to the Globe, that the probability that she is indigenous is 1/1024 if her ancestor is 10 generations ago. What the report does say is that she has 12 times more indigenous blood than any white person in Britain.

President Donald Trump has mocked the senator on several occasions since the presidential campaign and mockingly calls her ‘Pocahontas’. Even at a rally in July she even offered a million dollars to charity if she could prove with a DNA test her indigenous origins. “I’m going to buy one of those little kits (DNA), and in the middle of the debate, when she proclaims that she has an indigenous heritage, because her mother says she has high cheekbones, we’ll take that little kit,” she said then.

On Monday, the journalists told the president that the senator had been tested. He replied: “Who cares?” Then they asked him if he would pay the million dollars he promised and he said: “I did not say that, you better read again (what I said).”

According to different media, the senator has made public the result is a strong indication of his intentions to launch as a possible Democratic candidate for the presidential elections of 2020.

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