Nike Helps Crippled Elephant With Gigantic Shoe

Nike has created several custom-made footwear in unusual sizes for assorted athletes, but the biggest order it ever fulfilled was for a gigantic sneaker to be worn by an elephant.

A female elephant named Bandula suffered from a crippling gait because one of her legs was shorter than the others. But by wearing Nike’s specially designed giant sneaker on her shortest leg, she was able to walk much for comfortably and stay well balanced.

Nike created the special sneaker to resemble real elephant skin and included white buckles along with the traditional shoelaces and pink Nike trademark logo on each side of the shoe. The large size of the shoe makes it resemble a leather bucket much more than the traditional athletic shoe that Nike has become famous for producing.

The company declined to provide any more information about Bandula, where she is located and for how long she was able to wear the specially designed footwear which also included lifts in the heel.

A representative from Nike posted a photo of the special elephant sneaker on Twitter and it seems to be part of a collection of shoewear in an exhibit or museum style display. No word if the sneaker is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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