New Zealand’s Baby Name Ban

On Wednesday, May 1, New Zealand officials released an updated list of 77 names it has officially banned parents from giving their children.

The names include names with religious overtones, such as “Lucifer.” the car or brand juice beverage related term “V8,” “4Read,” any derivation of the word “Justice,” single letters and punctuation marks.

Officials also banned any name that makes it seem a child has royal blood including “Royal,” “Prince” and “Princess,” “Duke,” “Bishop,” “King” and “Queen.” At least one set of parents in the past attempted to name their child “Queen Victoria.”

The isn’t the first time New Zealand has refused to allow parents to give their children any name they please. In 2008, New Zealand judge Rob Murfitt removed a nine-year-old girl’s from her parents to change her existing name of “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii” to something else because he claimed the name was an embarrassment.

The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs states that it will reject any name in the future it believes will cause offense to a “reasonable person;” is more than 100 characters long; or resembles a number, a symbol or an official rank.

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